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Experts in Customer Acquisition. 

Oasis Promotions is a direct sales company based in Oklahoma City. We work with non-profits and commercial clients alike to create successful promotions that help drive sales and increase visibility. Our team of professionals are dedicated to providing customized solutions for our clients, while ensuring that all of their needs are met.

Our unique person to person approach keeps costs low for our clients while delivering results. We have a variety of services to offer, from tailored promotional events, residential campaigns, to business to business strategies. With our comprehensive approach and experienced staff, you can rest assured that your promotional event will be handled with the utmost care. Let us help you get the most out of your promotional efforts and take your business to the next level.


We Build Sales Teams So You Don't Have To.

We specialize in creating customized sales and marketing campaigns to help our clients achieve their business goals. Our team of experts is dedicated to learning about our clients' brands and understanding their target audiences to develop strategies that drive customer acquisition and boost their bottom line.

Brand Understanding:
At Oasis Promotions, we believe that a successful campaign starts with a deep understanding of a client's brand. We take the time to learn values, vision, and unique selling points of each client. By immersing ourselves in brand identity, we ensure that our campaigns align perfectly with our clients' overall marketing strategies.

Target Audience Analysis:
We know that every brand has a specific target audience, and reaching the right people is crucial for success. Our experienced team conducts comprehensive market research and analysis to identify each brand's ideal customers. By understanding their demographics, preferences, and behaviors, we can create highly targeted campaigns that resonate with audiences and generate meaningful engagement.

Tailored Sales and Marketing Campaigns:
Next, we develop tailored sales and marketing campaigns designed to maximize reach and drive conversions. Our team combines creativity with data-driven insights to craft compelling messages and visuals that capture attention and inspire action. Whether it's through promotional events, residential campaigns, or business to business drives, we leverage the most effective strategies to achieve your campaign objectives.

Sales Team Management:
As part of our comprehensive service, we take care of hiring, training, and managing a dedicated sales team on our clients' behalf. Our experienced professionals are skilled in building relationships, nurturing leads, and closing deals. By outsourcing their sales teams to us, our clients can focus on developing their products and core business functions while we ensure their sales force is motivated, well-trained, and working towards their sales targets.

In-Depth Results and Reporting:
We understand the importance of transparency and accountability. That's why we provide in-depth results and reporting to our clients. Our team tracks and analyzes the performance of each campaign, providing detailed insights into key metrics and KPIs. By closely monitoring the effectiveness of our strategies, we can make data-backed adjustments to optimize campaign performance and ensure we're meeting desired outcomes.

Driving Customer Acquisition:
At Oasis Promotions, our ultimate goal is to drive customer acquisition for our clients. By leveraging our expertise and employing innovative marketing tactics, we aim to increase each client's customer base and generate a sustainable stream of leads and sales. We continuously optimize our strategies to adapt to market trends and changing consumer behaviors, helping our clients stay ahead of the competition.

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